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Bridee Whyte

Independent Funeral Services
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Terms & Conditions

Requirement for full payment 3 days prior to the funeral service.

Your Funeral Arranger will always advise you of the amount required in advance of the funeral by providing you with an estimate of costs for the funeral.

Once the estimate is signed we respectfully request that full payment is paid to us at least 3 days prior to the funeral.

The payment we require includes the following charges:

  • 100% of the total Funeral Director’s Charges
  • 100% of the total costs for Other Products & Services
  • 100% of the total costs for Disbursements (third party fees)

Please consult the Standardised Price List, Additional Options Price List and our Pricing Information  for a full list of all Funeral Director’s Charges and Other Products & Services available. 

Late payment 

We do understand that paying for a funeral represents a significant expense. Please speak to us at the earliest opportunity about any concerns you may have about payment for our services.

If full payment is not made by the due date (being 3 days prior to the service) we reserve the right to cancel the funeral.

Disclosure of Interests

The ultimate owners of Bridee Whyte Independent Funeral Services are Donna Payne and Brian Whyte.

Bridee Whyte Independent Funeral Services does not have any business or material financial interest in price comparison websites that compare funeral director services and/or crematoria and their respective prices.

In the last six months, we have not made any material charitable donation, charitable contribution or payment of a gratuity to a third party connected to the funerals sector. If financial transactions of this nature ever take place they will be publicly disclosed and detailed when they occur.